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I'm Heidi G. a homeschooling Mom of 3 (now teenagers) in Utah Valley, Utah, U.S.A. 

I've also been a single-parent for over 12 years and...for most of the time that I've home-schooled.  It's been a powerful learning experience for us all and I wouldn't trade any of the sacrifices that we've had to make - for any of the wonderful times that we've had together as a family.

When I really realized that I only had one-chance to raise my children 'right' I prayerfully set-out on this journey.  I knew that it wouldn't be easy given our limited financial circumstances but...I felt that it was the needful thing for us to do.

Because of previous difficult life circumstances, one of my children was 'doctor-recommended' to home school.  This child physically and emotionally needed to be in a home-environment with safety and security.  I wasn't sure how I would be able to do it all but...we have and it's been the most amazing and wonderful blessing that I could have ever asked for.

My oldest will be off to college next year and...the other two will still be here with me.  We've been creative in our learning and have done a variety of things to fit our growing needs.  For many years we did home-studies, binder work, personalized 'classes', field trips, learning.  Then, as they grew, we joined a local co-op where we were involved with some parent-taught community classes for over 40 families and many great youth.  (To this day; these are my children's closest friends - even though we have moved away.)

In the co-op, besides weekly classes, we did a Shakespeare Play (presented to the community), home school choir and Christmas Show, 'Mock Trial" going up against local high schools, ballroom dance class,  service projects (including months of selling concessions at local university and all of us taking the class to get our food handler's permit).

It's been a wonderful journey, my children are hard-working and respectful and...are often asked to be leaders in church and community events.  We sincerely recommend home schooling for any who are considering it as an option.  Human efforts combined with much prayer - availeth much good. 

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