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May 22, 2012

Why Homeschool?

Some of the greatest blessings that come from home schooling are:
1.  Closer Family
2.  Personalized Learning
3.  Time to develop gifts and talents
4.  Peace at home
5.  Parental involvement, instruction
6.  Respect and Honor
7.  Family members help one another
8.  Less-franctic pace
9.  No 'busy work'
10.  Smaller class size

It's a God-given responsibility to teach children in light and truth.  No system can ever replace that of loving parents.  Day-care and pre-school advocates may preach otherwise.  But...the Lord's truth will stand the test of time.  Someday, looking back, those who tried to steer in a direction other than that which has been taught in the Scriptures, will see their disillusion and possibly rue the day that they harbored such feelings.

The great thing is that it's not too-late to change the paradigm.  As we learn of the challenges in a public-system which had lead to many problems and challenges for our youth - we can see that there must be a better way.

Why Homeschool?  Because it provides the greatest opportunity for growth, personal reflection time, inner-strength (instead of compulsory means) and....abilities to become what a person is meant to become.

A 'system' which teaches all children the same things at the same time, and at the same 'grade level' is not a personalized plan for development.  Which of us, as adults, would like to spend our day in the exact same way as others' around us?  We'd never become the unique creatures that we were meant to become.

If all plants and animals were exactly alike - what joy would there be in loving those that we feel a kinship to?  We're drawn to certain things at particular times in our lives - for our own growth and fulfillment.  We weren't meant to be a cattle-call - branded by 'someone' (or some archaic system) who thinks they know what's best for us.

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